Best Outdoor Sports Related “Sh*t People Say” Videos

I’m sure you’ve seen a number of “Shit People Say” videos lately. Yeah, I know, that’s sooo last week, and you’re probably tired of them by now. That said, here are a few outdoor sports iterations of the popular internet meme.

Sh*t Cyclists Say

Sh*t Runners Say

Sh*t Ultrarunners Say

Sh*t Fly Fishermen Say

Sh*t Triathletes Say

Sh*t Kayakers Say

Sh*t Skiers Say

If you come across any other interesting ones, let me know.


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Internet professional, runner, skier, climber, father, and doer of things.

3 responses to “Best Outdoor Sports Related “Sh*t People Say” Videos”

  1. Gregg Martin says :

    I get an email notification so it seems I’m around to see these first. “I don’t even warm up until I get around 30…” give me a break. The Indians beat these guys and blow physiologists away by their habit of smoking and intermittent training. All were people we know.


  2. agitatedangler says :

    I’m a little embarrassed by how many of the things I’ve said from the fly fishing video…

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