Swamp Thing or Carp Fly?

Here’s a glimpse of a new fly I’m tinkering with. Swamp thing or carp fly? It’s a carp fly for some fairly aggressive carp I’ve been after and the water’s really off-color. I’m going for mouth feel. If you were a carp, would you eat it?

It’s inspired by the leggy Gotchas I tied early this summer for an Andros bonefishing trip. So why wouldn’t it work for Colorado bonefish?


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4 responses to “Swamp Thing or Carp Fly?”

  1. McTage says :

    Oh, there is not doubt that will work. Particularly if you are onto some aggresors, which is cool.

  2. seanhudson says :

    Worked for those carp, but it turned into a better bass fly actually. All’s well that ends well.

  3. Gregg Martin says :

    I like to to look at everything carp, and enjoy tying for them. That will work well! By the way, I ran since high school, did in college, kept up with it after, the Army sent me to compete at Boston long ago. Get a chance, run in The Equinox Marathon in Fairbanks, only Pike’s Peak demands more.

    And, nice site you have.


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